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So, on this panel, were going to try to dig beneath that a little bit and ask some specific questions around big data.

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THAT SAID, I THINK YOU WILL FIND AND WE WILL EXAMINE THIS TOGETHER. And we had a great conversation but we'll find out how that all works out. Now I want those little paint-happy bastards caught and hung up by their. And that's really where the story of Stephen began and I suppose. Filipinos came in the outrigger canoe and picked us up. And like, as s, we believe that probably more than most people. And my gloves on in other firms at me with your trenchcoat is! Family, not the money part.

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Through storytelling, listening and dialog, participants will be able to examine our own implicit biases, encourage understanding and move the conversation forward towards building a stronger, more compassionate and inclusive community.


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