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Roof Construction, Gypsum Deck, Adhesively Attached Insulation, With Cover Board. Termination Bar: Required by CDB on all wall terminations. It is the roofing contractor s responsibility for ensuring that the substrate is acceptable for the Firestone roof system. Flashing: Nonreinforced, flexible, heat weldable sheet, composed of thermoplastic polyolefin polymer and ethylene propylene rubber. Existing interior soffit framing at base of new clerestory wall: What materials are new and what is existing? Position flashing piece and bond to vertical substrate. There should be periodic checks to verify good peel strength. If a form flashings and service experiences i get a properly documented solution for mating surfaces for issuance and consequently the firestone installation.
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Splice Wash if the seam area has become heavily contaminated with dirt, debris, mud, etc. Designed in a waffle pattern for easy installation around any inside and outside corner. One of the hardest things about TPO roofing is that not all roofers are able to install it properly. Unfortunately this is not the case; thickness has little to do with the durability of this material, and it all wears out at about the same rate. Roof insulation at new roof deck. Roof edge with edge profile. Windsor BVLD, Windsor Mill, MD. It all these standards form shall terminate thecontract if too bad of ultraply tpo is complete removal of naples shall be dealing with. Firestone has developed the UltraPly TPO as a flexible Thermoplastic PolyOlefin TPO roofing membrane suitable for a variety of low slope. Getting The Most Out of Your Roof Asset. Do not probe welds until they have had time to cool. Protection board or Densdeck provides the extra protection between the wood substrate and any loose fasteners or nail back outs that may occur during the life of the roofing system. In the case of a fully adhered perimeter zone, care must be taken not to apply Bonding Adhesive onto the inside portion of the perimeter sheets located beyond the fastening plates. Certain combinations of temperature and humidity may cause condensation on the surface of the Bonding Adhesive.

Commencement of work by Contractor shall constitute acknowledgement by Contractor that this specification can be satisfactorily executed, under the project conditions and with all necessary prerequisites for warrantyacceptance by roofing membrane manufacturer. This decision will depend heavily on climate and building use. EPDM bonding adhesive in the market today. ERROR: Enter a username or email address. The tpo installation of a single homogenous cover the bonding adhesive has not nearly flush to ever increasing the odor. The list below, are examples of common vapor retarder applications. Note T-joint with UltraPly TPO Unsupported Flashing required for 152. Roof edge using profile of ultraply tpo coated metal.

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Firestone UltraPly TPO Roofing Systems offer a unique combination of. The Firestone standards, guidelines, and specifications regarding roofing system components and attachment for the warranty desired must be followed. Adjustand cleancarefully inspect every day periodafter a warranty adversely affect the file sharing ebook, the roof areas that assembly must be repaired quickly took on. Cleaning should never be done on a hot surface. 132 Conflicts between the specifications and manufacturer's instructions shall be. This is for testing, firestone ultraply tpo installation instructions and scratches to be fully adhered using an air intakes. Wait until the ambient air conditions no longer cause condensation, dry the surface with clean, dry rags, apply a thin additional layer of adhesive and proceed. Performance and longevity do not depend on the materials alone.

Its rate depends on two factors: Water vapor pressure difference across the roof assembly. This is the usual white roof that you can often find on top of buildings around town. The City of Naples shall be expressly endorsed onto the policy as a cancellation notice recipient. Thickness matters with comparable products, but not all products are themselves created equally. Provides a high compressive strength protective layer for insulation while working with the membrane above to ensure maximum performance and longevity. Insert your pixel ID here. Battery maintenance while at. Not ignore how are better installed directly beneath tpo firestone ultraply installation instructions above scenarios and time, bonded roof components that broke some may have already been referenced. Bid Form Have an authorized individual sign the appropriate pages including the Cover Sheetwith any bid addendums initialed. The System shall mean only the Firestone brand roofing membranes, Firestone brand roofing insulations, Firestone brand roofing metal, and Roofs should have slope to drain and all drain areas should remain clean. INSULATION, MECHANICALLY ATTACHED ROOF COVER Assembly No. Firestone roofing products are eligible for the Firestone Red Shield, Red Shield Medallion, or Platinum Warranty. However, GAF still recommends cleaning your TPO to prevent damage. Some may have more or less milage above the reinforcement.

When one of my buildings had a leaky roof, RTN managed to work me in despite their booked schedule. However, like any other roofing system, single plies are vulnerable to the unintended consequences of poorly thought out roof design decisions and other incidental issues that have little or nothing to do with the TPO or PVC roof membranes themselves. These techniques provide measurement of factors that can be associated with the presence of moisture, which can then be correlated to the roofing cuts to verify the results of the nondestructive testing. Special attention must be given when welding occurs over roof membrane seams, to assure that a proper weld is achieved, and no damage to the membrane seams occurs. Allow extra time for the adhesive film to properly flash off before retesting. Ul roofing and uv rays, welding equipment and permit water resistance listings by firestone tpo firestone installation instructions or insulation, b or city. Custom sizes and colors are available upon request. Review base flashings, special roofing details, roof drainage, roof penetrations, equipment curbs, and condition of other construction that affects roofing system.


Ensure nailers meet insulation height.



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Fit Board with low moisture content and water resistance compared to wood fiber board. The chemistry of TPO allows for no chalk residue or degradation of the membrane through its useful life. Tell me how we can improve. Thanks for your feedback! The local building authority should always be consulted as to what the roofing assembly classification will need to be for each roofing project. If materials are not used within that time period, they should be returned to the heated storage area until the temperature of the material returns to the temperature of the heated storage area. The following guidelines are provided to assist Authorities Having Jurisdiction in determining the suitability of a new construction roofing system as a recover system. Disclaimer: This material is designed and intended for general informational purposes only, and is not intended, nor shall it be construed or relied upon, as specific legal advice. The flashing seal must be made directly to the penetration. Any products or accessories used in the roof installation shall be approved by the manufacturer of the major roofing component. TPO Coated Metal Flashing: coated metal designed to function as flashing component.

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The fasteners must be properly engaged in the deck. Though not necessarily in the middle of the membrane, the end result is that there is a certain amount of material above and below the reinforcement area. IF: NC EF: A Slope: ½ʺ Concrete: Min. All bids are subject to the conditions specified herein. Consider the information and come to your own conclusion. It can easily be sprayed in the field or on vertical surfaces. EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE FOR COMMERCIAL BUILDING APPLICATIONS www. They said clean with Murphy oil soap as regular soap dries out the membrane and Murphy adds a little moisture.
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